Kingdom Valley 5 Marla Files Price Update

Kingdom Valley 5 Marla Files Price Update

Kingdom Valley file price is one of the primary and initial questions that come into all investors’ minds before starting the property file business. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley file business is beneficial to make high returns on investment. The reason behind this is the world-class amenities and the housing society’s features to offer to all the investors. Most importantly, the ideal location and the affordable property rates are the main reasons all investors are keen to create a sustainable asset in the community.

The property file business also involves risks, and the process is rigorous. Therefore, authentic guidance is mandatory to make the most of the deal. Business guidance is a must, especially for the investors new to the file. Lastly, for more business details and information, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

Mr. Ghulam Hussian Shahid Sanpal owns the Kingdom Valley Society, ensuring all investors find the ideal investment opportunity in the twin cities. Moreover, the developers are building an opportunity available in a prime location and accessible to significant landmarks. Also, the payment plans are highly affordable, ensuring investors from all economic backgrounds can invest here. Lastly, the investors trust this investment opportunity being developed by renowned developers.


Among several reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley, the location comes first. Location is one of the best features all investors consider before investing. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley site is at a prime location. Most importantly, it is at the Chakri Interchange in the Chakri Road. Moreover, housing projects should be close to significant sites and landmarks. The housing project is accessible from the various points. Some of them are available here.

  • Ten minutes away from the Rawalpindi Cadet College
  • Five KM away from the Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 5 km away from the Thalian interchange at the M2 Motorway

Noc Status

Kingdom Valley file price is highly affordable as the housing project is legal. Also, the housing venture comes in the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. That ensures that all the properties in the housing project are highly reasonable. Most importantly, the legality status increases the trust and the credibility of the investment in the community. Also, the developers ensured the investors had access to all facilities and features. But it also allows them to create a sustainable asset that helps them generate high investment returns. So, if we talk about the best investment opportunity, the housing community has it all for its investors.

KV 5 Marla File Price

Kingdom Valley file price is highly affordable. Also, there are Kingdom Valley Islamabad discount offers available. There are provisions for both commercial and residential plots accessible to the investors. Moreover, the residential plots available in the community are 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. Further, the commercial investment opportunities available in the housing project are 2, 4 and 8 Marla. Also, the farmhouses provision is available like the 2, 4, and 8 Kanal. All these property files are easily accessible, and inland and overseas investors can quickly benefit from them.

Kingdom Valley file price for 5 Marla properties will be around PKR 12.45 Lac. Moreover, the prices may fluctuate. So, thorough research beforehand is necessary to avoid any inconvenience. There are multiple sources where investors can find trustable property files. Also, one of the best options available is Estate Land Marketing, where both inland and overseas investors can find the best Kingdom Valley file price.

5 Marla Plots Amenities

Several amenities await the investors to help them attain the desirable lifestyle and investment opportunity. Moreover, all of the features and amenities will be of high quality, ensuring a luxurious livelihood for all investors. Here are some of the amenities accessible to all investors.

  • Sustainable Housing Project
  • Medical Centers
  • Educational Hub
  • Ideal Location
  • Shopping Malls
  • Family Parks
  • Cinema
  • Gymnasium
  • Grand Mosque
  • Grid Station
  • Cemetery


Kingdom Valley file price is highly affordable for investors from different economic backgrounds. Moreover, the housing project developers also ensured that the investors got the ultimate investment leisure that helped them attain the ideal investment opportunity, whether it’s about the amenities and achieving high living standards or creating a sustainable asset that assists in attaining high returns on investment. Most importantly, the prime location and the reasonable payment plans make the property file business more successful. Lastly, keep visiting the Kingdom Valley site to get more info regarding the file purchase and real estate investment.

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