Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Payment Plan Updates

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Payment Plan Updates

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Payment Plan is available with the provision of easy installments. The housing project developers ensure prospective investors can attain their ideal investment opportunity at highly affordable rates. Furthermore, the master plan includes two farmhouse sizes provision, where investors can create and invest according to their needs. The blog will cover the details of the payment plans that will assist investors in making the desirable investment. So, let’s explore the investment opportunities in the Kingdom Valley farmhouses without delay.

Farmhouse Location

The location is another reason the investors are keen to make an ideal investment in the community. The farmhouse site is highly accessible from vital destinations like the Heroes Block. Moreover, the area is the prime site near the Chakri Interchange on the M2 Motorway. Further, the residents of the twin cities can easily access the housing project. The famous housing societies near this endeavor include Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Mumtaz City. All these options will help the investors and prospective residents attain the ideal lifestyle in the community. The housing project is closer to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and Islamabad International Airport.

Noc Status

The best aspect of investing in the Kingdom Valley Farmhouses is that the housing project is approved, which encourages investors to make it an ideal investment opportunity. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley Society has approval under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. It indicates that this housing community will be the best investment opportunity as it offers secure and sustainable asset creation opportunities. Still, the Kingdom Valley farmhouse payment plan is highly affordable.

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse’s payment plan is highly affordable, just like the Kingdom Valley Executive Block Payment Plan. Details that will help create the desirable investment opportunity are accessible here.

2 Kanal Farmhouse Payment Plan

  • The two-kanal farmhouse total price is PKR 8,000,000/-
  • The downpayment and confirmation of the farmhouses is PKR 800,000/-
  • Eight semi-annual installments are PKR 515,000/-
  • Forty monthly installments are PKR 57,000/-

4 Kanal Farmhouse Payment Plan

  • The total price of 4 Kanal farmhouse is PKR 14,000,000/-
  • Downpayment & conformation of the farmhouses will be PKR 1,400,000/-
  • Eight semi-annual installments are PKR 910,000/-
  • Forty monthly installments are PKR 98,000/-


Several features and amenities are waiting for the prospective investors, where they can achieve their ideal lifestyle. Also, as we know, the Kingdom Valley farmhouse payment plan is another reason all investors are keen to create an asset in the community. The list of the amenities is available here:

  • Eco-friendly housing project
  • Affordable payment plan
  • Ideal site
  • Access to all basics
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Parking Lots
  • Family Parks
  • Cinema
  • Grid Station
  • Grand Mosque
  • Filtration Plants
  • Graveyard

Why invest in kingdom farmhouses?

The first and foremost reason is that the Kingdom Valley farmhouse payment plan is highly affordable. Also, the developers ensure that the investment opportunity is reasonable yet has several amenities, ensuring a highly luxurious and sustainable asset creation opportunity. Furthermore, the investors from the twin cities have the best investment opportunity that can help them attain countless memories.

The amenities available here will be of high class, which ensures that all prospective investors can attain a luxurious livelihood. They can use them as a rental property or create an asset offering a high return on investment.


The Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Payment Plan is highly affordable, and the provision of installments is the best motivating factor that attracts investors to create long-term investments in the community. Countless amenities are available in the community to help attain the ideal lifestyle at highly affordable rates. Most importantly, the Naya Pakistan Housing Program has approved the housing project. So, the investors have the trust in making long-term investments in the community. Also, the investors will get a high return on investment by investing here. Lastly, Kingdom Valley has all the relevant updates and developments of the housing project. So, please keep visiting our site.

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