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Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Naya Pakistan Housing Program is a project of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf-led government that promotes housing. The purpose of this project is to provide a low-cost housing to the homeless population, or low-income households. It would also improve the economy of Pakistan by providing job opportunities to the youth. Previous governments in Pakistan did not pay much attention to the housing sector. It was more than a mere political campaign for them, as they didn’t have any discussion about it in the parliament. Currently, the urban Pakistan faces the housing crisis of around 4 million.

Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority

Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NAPHDA) was established by the government on 15 January 2020 through a Parliament Act. The Government created this entity for the planning, development, and construction purposes, along with managing  other real estate projects which mainly includes housing. It has now become the Developing Arm of the Government that is looking for several objectives in the sector of housing and infrastructure development. It also operates on the basis of profit and nonprofit margin in the whole country. Moreover, it also plans to provide one window process through a Facilitation Centre for all the real estate investors and builders.

The Authority works under the support of Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is located in the Cabinet Division of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. It also has a separate policy board with eleven members. The board involves representatives from both Government and Private sectors. The main office of the NAPHDA is in Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Islamabad.

Furthermore, the NPHDA have also planned to establish their Regional Offices in all other provinces in Pakistan. They are also planning to carry out different surveys and technical researches. The purpose of such research would be to work with banks and other financial institutions to get mortgage loans. It would also include other financing methods to offer a house to the ones with low-income at affordable prices.

How to register for the scheme NPHP?

There is an online registration process for Nphp or Kingdom Valley Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, which is simple and easy. Following are some of the ways to register online.

  • When you enter into Nphp or Naya Pakistan Housing Program Online portal , you would be asked to either click on Register Online tab or on Register at E-Sahulat one.
  • The next step in entering CNIC number, where the option of Citizen Number would be mentioned. At last, click on the Submit button.
  • After the citizen verification step, you must click on payment option. You can pay either through Credit/Debit Card, or EasyPaisa system. The applicants must have a valid card to fill their details.
  • After paying the fees of PKR 250, you need to fill out a form, and then register for NPHS.
  • The applicants must fill all their details correctly, or else their application would not be accepted. They must also mention the city of their preference along with the no. of rooms, and number of their family members.
  • After the submission of form, the applicants would get an online receipt, which they must download.

Other Plans

The Authority has planned to launch other schemes such as bonds, Sukuk, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and Certificates of Term Finance. Those schemes would fulfill the purpose of giving subsidies to low-cost housing projects. Along with that, the owners would also be able to utilize some other services such as consultants for design, technical evaluation, and observing without any fault. NAPHDA might choose some of its actions, which include development works through different methods that includes public private partnerships. The government is confident that such plans would make it easy for the individuals to buy houses.


Q1: What is Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme?

It is a project by Prime Minister Imran Khan, which aims to provide five million housing units with world class services for all citizens, especially the ones with lower and middle-income background. This schemes aims to eradicates all types of barriers that the lower income household face, while buying a house

Q2: How can the individual check whether he is eligible or not?

The individuals need to  visit the official website to check whether they are qualified or not. If they are qualified, only then they would be able to register themselves.

Q3: Is it easy for Overseas Pakistanis to get a House Loan Facility under NPHP?

The Loan facility is available for Pakistani citizens, who have best credit history. It doesn’t matter whether they live in Pakistan or abroad.

Q4: How would the applicant know whether his name is added or not?

NAPHDA would quickly inform the nominated applicants, so that they pay the down payment. After that, he would sign the loan documents with the relevant Bank for paying the installments.

Q5: Is the portion of an established housing project offered?

Yes, the NAPHDA authorities would offer a separate portion from the other housing projects.

Q6: How to apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2022?

The registration process of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is very easy. The individuals would have to enter their personal information, along with their housing demands.

Q7: How can the applicants know about their application status?

The project managers would divide the registered applicants at various forums. Soon after that, they would carry out balloting for providing low-cost houses on starting of other projects.