Kingdom valley Islamabad launched the Heroes Block

Kingdom valley Islamabad launched the Heroes Block


Kingdom valley heroes block is the latest addition to the kingdom valley Islamabad. Moreover, the developers are developing a unique concept that this block will be associated with sports celebrities. Also, the location and prices of the plots will be feasible enough to make a long-term investment. And that is why the block is getting attention from inland and overseas investors.

This new living space is being constructed to provide residents with all the amenities they need for a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle. This hero’s block will provide a variety of plots for sale.

Most crucially, the creators have also introduced a payment plan that offers the impression that this is an opportunity for an inexpensive investment. So let’s explore all the information available on the heroes block.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Investors from domestic and international markets can seek out and purchase homes near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Further, the housing development is also close to Twin Cities, making it the ideal investment opportunity for investors in the surrounding area. Investors will have access to simple instalments. And for that reason, the Kingdom Valley Payment Plans are incredibly cost-effective.

Because it was initiated during the Naya Pakistan Housing Program of the previous administration, the project is quite reasonable. The Kingdom Valley Heroes Block, which new developers are developing, will also be the ideal location to begin a perfect living standard.

Kingdom Valley Heroes Block

Soon, comprehensive details on the Kingdom Valley heroes block will be accessible to all investors. The residence will also be associated with famous sports personalities. Also, society has provided a simple and affordable payment plan. They guarantee that investing is more approachable and profitable for all investors. Further, a variety of properties are also offered in the neighbourhood. Finally, the information about the property is covered below.

Heroes Block Master Plan

According to official announcements, the specs for the heroes’ block plots are now accessible. Also, the developers are maintaining worldwide living standards to improve future residents’ standard of living. Moreover, this society will have the top-notch infrastructure and easy access to all essential and opulent goods. Lastly, this hero’s block’s plot summary is accessible here.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Kingdom valley Heroes Block Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is always eager to offer its shareholders the best living opportunities. Further, the investors can choose the most sensible investment here. So, without further ado, let’s examine the Kingdom Valley Heroes block payment plan details.

Kingdom valley Heroes Block Payment Plan

5 Marla Plot Price

The five marla plots will be the investors’ priority in creating long-term investment opportunities. Moreover, all facilities will be accessible to all future residents, which will help them attain an excellent living standard. And for that, look at the heroes’ block five marla plot details.

  • The five marlas total price will be PKR 19,00,000/-
  • The confirmation and downpayment amount is PKR 190,000/-
  • PKR 105,000/- will be the eight half-yearly instalments
  • Lastly, PKR 17,000/- are the 48 monthly instalments

7 Marla Plot Price

The seven-marla plot is a reliable investment option, especially for nuclear family investors. Also, the developers claim that the international standards services will be available at low prices. And here are the plot price specifications.

  • The total price of the seven-marla plot is PKR 24,00,000/-
  • Confirmation and the highly effective downpayment is PKR 240,000/-
  • Eight-half yearly instalments of 7 Marla plots is PKR 127,000/-
  • The 48-monthly instalments will be PKR 22,600/-

10 Marla Plot for sale

The kingdom valley Isalamabd ensures that the shareholders find the finest investment prospects in the community. Several other facilities in the community will uplift future residents’ living standards and help them create a profitable investment. Lastly, here are the plot price specifications.

  • The total amount of the Kingdom Valley 10 Marla plot is PKR 31,00,000/-
  • Confirmation and the downpayment of the 10 Marla plot is PKR 310,000/-
  • Eight half-yearly instalments are PKR 155,000/-
  • Lastly, 48 monthly instalments are PKR 31,000/-

1 Kanal Plot Price

The 1 Kanal plot is a famous and popular investment option. Also, the investors are trying to create a luxurious living space for everyone where they can attain a profitable and long-term living standard. Here are the kingdom valley 1 Kanal plots specifications:

  • The total price of 1 Kanal plot is PKR 48,00,000/-
  • Downpayment and confirmation amount will be PKR 480,000/-
  • Eight Half yearly instalments of 1 Kanal Plot are PKR 230,000/-
  • The 48 monthly instalments are PKR 50,000/-


The most recent addition to Kingdom Valley is the Heroes block. Also, the developers are ready to design a luxurious yet sustainable lifestyle for everyone. And because of this, they are creating a block that will link the names of cricket celebrities and provide everyone with access to worldwide living standards.

Also, this site provides details on the location and the plot’s price, which are very reasonable and accessible to most investors. And get in touch with our qualified experts immediately to receive the most recent information and advice.

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