Kingdom Valley Islamabad First Balloting Event

Kingdom Valley Islamabad First Balloting Event

Kingdom Valley Islamabad balloting is surely creating a positive whirlwind among the investors and general masses. Well, it is one of the best investment options out there, therefore, people expect a whole lot from the management and their future property. From impeccable, ideal and commercial location to all other basic and advanced facilities, an investor wants it all.

That’s precisely what Kingdom Valley provides, proving to be an ideal option. Apart from that, there is also a solid phenomenon of diversity where people from all backgrounds can afford to invest. In addition, the news of timely and much needed balloting is here and many more pleasant news are yet to come. So, let’s explore Kingdom Valley Islamabad balloting details.

Kingdom Valley Investment

Kingdom Valley Islamabad a top-tier and high-end society where all the promises of an international living meet. If we look at the management of the venture, the proud and honourable CEO is none other than Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal. A name which has always proved to be one of the most reliable and impeccable. We say this with complete trust and authenticity while looking at all the successful and incredible past projects. This time around too, the excellence is impeccable, e.g. look at the fast and speedy Kingdom Valley development updates.

Moreover, now that all the already on-board investors ten potential ones, and stake holders are constantly getting pleasant news one after the other. Well, the highly successful and mega balloting event is just a tip of the iceberg.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Possession

We are here to talk about the first and highly anticipated ‘Balloting Event’. Well, all the hype and overwhelming response truly paid off. It is also important and pertinent to mention that after making the Reasons to invest in Kingdom ValleyIslamabad, they eagerly and rightly so ‘wait’ for the property possession.

Now, with the first ever and one of the most successful balloting events, the management has and continues to fulfill all the promises. In this article, we will be shedding light on the key and major points of all the things that went down in that event. For starters, let’s understand what balloting even means.


The term balloting means assigning plot numbers to the investors which is totally machine generated. Therefore, all the investors get the plot numbers purely and utterly authentically. Moreover, it is just a random selection of plot numbers, therefore, there is no injustice. This way all the investors get an equal chance, rather than any kind of biasness.

KV Balloting Process

Well, before the official Kingdom Valley Islamabad balloting process, all the investors need to submit their plot files as soon as the management and the owners announce the balloting date. That is exactly what the incredible Kingdom Valley Management did.

  • The proud and visionary, Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal, started the event by congratulating all the investors who continue to show a great amount of trust in him.
  • Apart from that, the day that the management had chosen was also extremely significant. It happened on August 14th, 2023. Therefore, the independence just added a bit of more patriotism and zeal among the investors. So, a perfect blend of high-end lifestyle and patriotism just sat perfectly.
  • Now, onto all the blocks that were a part of the balloting which signified how much of the development is complete. So, from the base work, general block to more, the balloting was a part of. For other blocks including the Heroes Block, Overseas, Executive, and more will soon have a balloting.
  • From the management, guests to stake holders to everyone, a promise of providing the long-seen dream come to life. Moreover, a future which stands tall for a brighter, lucrative and divine lifestyle.

Balloting Criteria

Now, one may wonder as to what is the criteria to be able to get into the balloting procedure. Well, people had to surmount a certain criterion to be a part of it. Here Kingdom Valley Islamabad balloting complete process.

All the investors who had completed their installment almost 70% were able to apply for the balloting. The criteria of meeting the Kingdom Valley possession price was pertinent. Well, people who are in the process of it and all those who were a part of it, will live a more luxurious life. There is absolutely no compromise on the threshold of excellence, magnificence, and magnificence.


Well, this was the first-ever Kingdom Valley Islamabad balloting event, which turned out to be extremely successful. Moreover, there are many more to come which speak loudly of how incredible and successful the investment is going to be. For all the updates and queries, we are always here to help and update you. Tune into the officialKingdom Valley Islamabad website right away for booking, updates or anything else. 

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