Kingdom Valley Heroes block payment plan Updates

Kingdom Valley Heroes block payment plan Updates

Heroes block payment plan is available to facilitate the investors in creating sustainable investment opportunities in the community. Moreover, the developers are making this block to celebrate our heroes. There will be countless amenities and features accessible for future residents that will help uplift their living standards. Furthermore, the payment plan is highly affordable, with the option of an installment plan, which will assist investors in creating a desirable investment opportunity. The other payment plan details are available in the blog. So, without delay, keep reading to get a detailed overview of the hero’s block payment plan.

Heroes Block NOC Status

As we all know, Kingdom Valley has approval under NPHP. Also, there is approval from the PHATA. So, the investors fully trust this real estate investment. Another factor attracting investors is the renowned developers whose agenda is to complete the construction work as soon as possible. Therefore, due to the approved status, the investors are keen and encouraged to make a sustainable investment in the community.

Heroes Block Master Plan

The housing project is known for its world-class amenities and affordable property rates. Moreover, as of now, there are provisions for residential properties. Also, developers have kept in mind the high-quality infrastructure and the accessibility of both primary and luxuries. The properties available in the community are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Heroes block payment plan

Among several reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley, its payment plan is the most astonishing feature. The available property rates suggest that the investment here will be highly affordable with the facility of the installment plan. Also, the housing project is developing to fulfill the needs of investors from all economic backgrounds. So, without delay, let’s explore the heroes’ block payment plan in detail.

5 Marla Plot Price

The 5 Marla properties are among the famous investment opportunities among investors, as they are highly demanding and affordable. Further, the other details of the five Marla properties are as follows:

  • The total price of the properties will be PKR 19,00,000/-
  • The down payment for these properties will be PKR 190,000/-
  • Eight-half yearly installments will be PKR 105,000/-
  • The Forty-eight monthly installments will be PKR 17,000/-
  • Finally, the confirmation amount is PKR 190,000/-

7 Marla Plot Price

The Heroes block payment plan for the seven Marla properties is highly affordable, which suggests that investors from different economic backgrounds can make their desirable investments in the community. Here are the details of the seven Marla properties.

  • The total amount of these properties will be PKR 24,00,000/-
  • The Down Payment for these properties is PKR 240,000/-
  • Eight-half yearly installments are PKR 127,000/-
  • The forty-eight monthly installments are PKR 22,600/-
  • Lastly, the confirmation amount will be PKR 240,000/-

10 Marla Plot Price

The Ten Marla properties are also popular investment options for investors where they can start their desired living standards. Further details of the payment plans are available here:

  • The total price of the properties will be PKR 31,00,000/-
  • The downpayment for these properties will be PKR 310,000/-
  • Eight half-yearly installments are PKR 155,000/-
  • The forty-eight monthly installments will be PKR 31,000/-
  • Finally, the confirmation amount will be PKR 310,000/-

1 Kanal Plot Price

One of the luxurious plot investment opportunities available here is the Kanal properties. They have world-class amenities provision for all the investors. Also, here are the details of the heroes block payment plan for 1 Kanal properties.

  • The total amount of properties will be PKR 48,00,000/-
  • The downpayment of the plots is PKR 480,000/-
  • Eight half-yearly installments will be PKR 230,000/-
  • The forty-eight monthly installments will be PKR 50,000/-
  • Lastly, the confirmation amount will be PKR 480,000/-


Heroes block payment plan is highly affordable and offers the best investment opportunities to all investors. Moreover, the developers ensure that investors from all socioeconomic backgrounds can make the finest investment opportunity in the community. Also, there are installment plans available that help in assisting investors in making the purchase decision. Furthermore, the developers are also ensuring that the construction works take place fast, and soon, the investors will be able to thrive in the community. Lastly, please keep visiting our site for more information regarding the heroes block in the Kingdom Valley.

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